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OTHER VOICES: Steve King: From E15 to Mueller to the border wall, we're winning

Apr 23, 2019

President Trump once said “we will have so much winning … you may get bored with the winning.”

And you know what? Over the last couple of weeks, my shared agenda with the president has recorded one victory after another. We are winning, and we are winning big. And I’m not tired of winning yet.

Let’s recap a few of the big wins for my legislative agenda that have been in the news recently:


Year Round Sale of E15

In October, I met for 75 minutes with President Trump in the White House’s Oval Office. At the top of my agenda was a request that President Trump assist our farmers by taking quick action to reverse a 30-year-old ban on the summer sale of E15. He promised me he would, and within two days he made a public announcement of his intention to do so. The president kept his promise to me, and on March 12 the EPA issued a proposed rule that would finally allow year-round sales of this important biofuel. Finally, E15 will be available at the time of year when Americans are driving the most.

Expeditious Approval of Flood Assistance for Iowa

Severe flooding throughout the state has left many of our communities devastated, and it has had an outsized impact on our agriculture economy. As the dean of the House delegation from Iowa, and its only current Republican member, I immediately contacted the White House in support of the state’s request for a federal disaster declaration. I asked President Trump to “expeditiously approve” the state’s request, and he did so. Iowa received its federal disaster designation within 24 hours of my request to the president, which must be some kind of record.

Collapse of the Mueller “Collusion Delusion”


For two years, President Trump has been publicly criticizing the Robert Mueller investigation as a baseless “witch hunt.” While many members of the House walked on egg shells around this investigation, there were a few of us who insisted all along that the president was right. We understood that the Mueller investigation was inherently little more than a malevolent delusion fueled by people who couldn’t accept Hillary Clinton’s loss. As I repeatedly pointed out in specific reference to text messages sent by FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, there appears to have been an epidemic of anti-Trump bias among those who were the most vocal in perpetrating “collusion” claims. The collapse of Mueller’s “collusion” investigation is an exoneration of our president and a vindication of my efforts to expose the corruption that fueled this “witch hunt.”

* ObamaCare is Poised for Repeal


I am the principal author of the most comprehensive ObamaCare repeal legislation introduced to date (HR 185), and my language has passed the House on numerous occasions in previous Congresses. As such, it was indeed a very gratifying day when I learned that the Department of Justice was encouraging the 5th Circuit to uphold a recent decision that found ObamaCare to be unconstitutional. With the removal of the individual mandate’s penalty provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the previous legal justifications offered for ObamaCare fall, and the remaining provisions of this unconstitutional ObamaCare legislation must fall, too.

Backing the President’s Border Wall

President Trump is correct. There is a national emergency on our border with Mexico that is fueled by illegal immigration. Those joining the illegal alien caravans are emboldened, and their numbers grow significantly because they know they will not face a deterrent as significant as a border wall to impede their flow onto our soil. As I have said since I built a border wall prototype on the House floor in 2006, nothing will do more to stop illegal entry into our country than the construction of a wall. As such, I was pleased to vote with the president against an attempt to overturn his national emergency declaration and I am impressed that the Department of Defense has already reallocated $1 billion in funds for the president’s border security initiatives.

I am encouraged by these recent victories, and I am especially pleased to report to you that so many of these wins will directly and immediately benefit our state. I am confident that there are many more to come.

I have yet to tire of all this winning, Mr. President. In fact, working closely with you to produce so many wins for our state and nation has become a welcomed habit.

Republican Steve King represents Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

NOTE: This op-ed originally ran in the April 3 edition of the Sioux City Journal, linked: here. 

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