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Sep 30, 2015

The House of Representatives will decide the destiny of the Republican Party and the nation when we select a new speaker.

As the people’s House, it is our duty to be the voice of the American people, and in the last few years, the voters have not been heard. Our next speaker needs to offer a bold vision that inspires our conference as well as the American people we represent.

Aug 19, 2015

The keys to understanding Birthright Citizenship:

Jul 27, 2015

National Review: Know Your Enemy: A Primer on Islamic Jihad  

Islamic jihad has declared war on the United States and all of Western civilization. ISIS has announced its intention to dominate the world and fly its black flag from the White House in continuation of a 1,400-year-old war against us “infidels.”

Jul 14, 2015

The Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage is being painted as a loss for those who believe in traditional marriage. However, for those who believe in the Rule of Law it is a loss for the American people and our Republic.

Apr 22, 2015

It must be said, free trade agreements are not the avenue for the president to complete his objective to “fundamentally transform America.”

Feb 13, 2015

In recent years, Americans have watched as banks collapsed, small businesses failed, homes were foreclosed upon, and friends and family lost their jobs. As we continue to move toward recovery, we must ensure that we take to heart an important lesson from this crisis: big government is not the answer.

Feb 6, 2015

Given the president’s intransigence, Congress can either choose to violate its oath and become accomplices to President Barack Obama’s shredding of Article I, or members can use every tool provided by the Founding Fathers to protect the Constitution.

Jan 5, 2015

This week, Members elected to the 114th Congress will rise, place their left hand on the Bible, raise their right hand and state,

Nov 18, 2014

President Barack Obama was right when he said on May 10, 2011, "sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself.

Aug 29, 2014

Immigration enforcement has been under attack since our current president was sworn in, despite his constitutional oath requiring him to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” The systematic breakdown of immigration law enforcement under the Obama administration has wrought severe consequences.

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