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Brit Hume Slams New York Times for “Completely Bogus” Attack on King

Jan 16, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Steve King releases this statement following remarks made by FOX News senior political analyst Brit Hume which condemn a New York Times article, published yesterday, as being “completely bogus.” Interestingly, the New York Times writer responsible for the “completely bogus” article slammed by Hume is the same writer of an earlier Times article that GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy relied upon to railroad King for a quote King has consistently disputed.

“Brit Hume, a respected journalist who admittedly is no fan of mine, has it right: the New York Times is publishing ‘completely bogus’ hit pieces about me,” said King. “Republicans should note that the ‘completely bogus’ article identified by Hume is written by the same writer, in the same paper, on the same general topic as an earlier Times piece relied upon by Kevin McCarthy, our politically correct Minority Leader, to railroad me.  Clearly, this ‘completely bogus’ second article should call the Times’ earlier article into question. It should also make Republicans question whether our politically correct leadership intends to stand with other conservatives, including President Trump, when the liberal New York Times publishes ‘completely bogus’ stories about them.”

Excerpt of Hume’s remarks yesterday:

“And that New York Times piece was completely bogus, I mean those comments, look I don’t agree with them and I’m no fan of Steve King. Look, I’m sorry, they did not amount to racism.”

King is providing the following link to a piece appearing in the Daily Caller today entitled “Brit Hume Criticizes ‘Completely Bogus’ NYT Report on Steve King, Critiques Media for ‘Weaponizing’ Racist Charge” for those interested in further considering Mr. Hume’s remarks.


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