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Conservative Review: Vital Info on DACA Recipients Missing from Gov’t Database

Jun 14, 2018
Press Release

“What we do know paints a disturbing picture of our government placing the desire for legalization at all costs ahead of its own stated criteria and public safety.”

Washington, D.C.- In case you missed it, Conservative Review has published an explosive story detailing the massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people via efforts to grant Amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA program. The article’s author, Daniel Horowitz, was given exclusive access to the government’s closely-held data regarding those in the DACA population, data which was only obtained by Congressman Steve King after he placed months of intense pressure on the Department of Homeland Security. It is believed that King is the only Member of Congress to have reviewed what the government claims to know about DACA applicants.

Horowitz’s findings will appall the American public, and should give those rushing to back efforts to enact Amnesty pause. Although much of the DACA data is incomplete, and many reported answers appear either erroneous or fraudulent, “what we do know paints a disturbing picture of our government placing the desire for legalization at all costs ahead of its own stated criteria and public safety,” Horowitz concludes.

Congressman King, an opponent of Amnesty, encourages the public to read Horowitz’s piece, “Vital Info on DACA recipients missing from gov’t database” and to demand accountability from their elected representatives. As Congressman King asked last week, who are DACA recipients? Why are Amnesty advocates undermining the Rule of Law and placing the public’s safety at risk? And, importantly, why the rush to repeat the mistakes of the 1986 Amnesty for identity thieves and other self-reported DACA criminals?

Excerpts from “Vital Info on DACA Recipients Missing from Government Database”:

“We were told that it would be better if illegal immigrants were drawn out of the shadows and documented. Therefore, an American president illegally amnestied many without the consent of the people’s representatives, something that even King George couldn’t do without parliament. Yet one look at new government data provided to Rep. Steve King and shared exclusively with Conservative Review shows that, six years into the illegal amnesty, we still know very little about the amnestied population. What we do know paints a disturbing picture of our government placing the desire for legalization at all costs ahead of its own stated criteria and public safety.”

“Illegal foreign nationals mean everything to our current political class. It is on their account that we have broken all legal norms and uprooted 200 years of legal precedent on sovereignty and control of immigration. It is on their account that the politicians refuse to confront the MS-13 and drug crisis caused by the border crisis. It is on their account that the border wall is being delayed, and therefore there is yet another surge of illegal immigration. They have the weight of every political, cultural, and even religious institution behind their cause. They are politically unassailable and unstoppable. Their dreams come before American dreams and their desires hold hostage any effort to secure our border. But who are they?”

. . .

“Rep. King was told that the data from the paper applications concerning such important information as continuous residence and criminal records wasn’t even electronically recorded for the first three and a half years of the program, not until November 1, 2015. Prior data is simply unavailable at this point. “This process was so rushed that it appears USCIS used general staff rather than professional adjudicators to process and record the applications,” said King. “There were so many mistakes made in copying handwritten information into the electronic system that some applications had dates of birth copied into the system indicating the applicants were born over 100 years ago.”

. . .

“While USCIS did run the applicants through the FBI fingerprint database, many of them are known to have stolen or fabricated identities, and there was no effort to verify their full identities or criminal records in their home countries. Moreover, as is always the case, applicants under 14 weren’t fingerprinted. Given that we already know there was sloppy reporting and erroneously granted status, it raises serious questions as to how many others successfully engaged in fraud. About 2,100 of the applications didn’t even contain information as basic as their country of origin — yet they were still awarded DACA status!

“It was run on the honor system, with the government never laying eyes on most of the beneficiaries,” observed Jessica Vaughan, one of the leading experts on immigration and identity fraud, when shown the new information from USCIS.

This is a recipe for fraud. There is a real risk that a huge percentage of the DACA beneficiaries are guilty of identity theft and fraud, either prior to obtaining DACA or during the application process. Surveys have suggested that about half of the DACA beneficiaries had worked illegally before obtaining the DACA work permit, and would have needed to use a false or stolen Social Security number to obtain employment. The government did not attempt to find out how many had used other SSNs or identity documents before applying for DACA. This is a concerning breach of responsibility, as identity theft is a serious crime that can cause real harm to unsuspecting citizens, whether by destroying their credit history, exposing them to financial loss, or preventing them from obtaining jobs and benefits they are entitled to.”

. . .

“The report issued to Rep. King also showed that so many of the individuals didn’t fulfill the education requirements, some were downright criminals, and much of the data is not even recorded. A whopping 66 percent of self-reported criminals were initially approved, and 33,709 or 94 percent were granted renewals.

As it stands now, almost everyone in Washington is promoting amnesty for a population we know nothing about. Doesn’t anyone want to first find out the truth about the DACA process and the nature of these people before putting them ahead of the safety and security of Americans?

(All Emphasis Added).


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