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House of Representatives Passes Four King Bills in Two Days

Jun 29, 2017
Press Release

Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed four of his bills over the last two days.


It has been a busy week, and it has been a productive week in terms of restoring the Rule of Law in our nation,” said King. “The House of Representatives has passed four of my bills, including legislation that makes major reforms to medical malpractice laws and legislation that enhances our ability to enforce our immigration laws. Importantly, my legislation has also earned the public support of the Trump Administration. I encourage the Senate to quickly take up these four bills and to send them to President Trump for his signature.


The four pieces of legislation introduced this session by Congressman King and passed by the House of Representatives in the last 48 hours are:


  • H.R. 1215- The “Protecting Access to Care Act.”- Introduced by Congressman King, this legislation makes several reforms to medical malpractice laws, including placing a hard cap of $250,000 on non-economic damages that can be awarded in lawsuits. The Congressional Budget Office projects King’s legislation will save taxpayers at least $50 Billion over the next 10 years.


  • H.R. 3003- The “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.”- Introduced by Congressman King, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and Rep. Andy Biggs this legislation prohibits federal Homeland Security and Justice Department grant funding to so-called “sanctuary cities.”


  • Sarah’s Law”- Incorporated as a provision of the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act,” King’s “Sarah’s Law” legislation requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take custody of illegal aliens charged in the United States with a crime resulting in the death or serious bodily injury of another person. “Sarah’s Law” was introduced in honor of Iowa’s Sarah Root, a 21 year old college student killed by an illegal alien who had previous run-ins with law enforcement.


  • H.R. 3004- “Kate’s Law.” Introduced by Congressman King, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and Rep. Pete Sessions this legislation amends federal law to impose a sentencing enhancement for any illegal reentry offense. King introduced this legislation in response to the death of Kate Steinle, a young woman killed by an illegal alien who had previously been deported 5 times.



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