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ICYMI: Tom DeLay- “Saving every baby whose heart is beating”

Jan 19, 2018
Press Release

Delay: “They have the opportunity to pass a bill with real protection for the babies this year. . . It is HR 490, The ‘Heartbeat Bill’.”

Washington, D.C.- In a heartfelt Washington Times op-ed entitled “Saving every baby whose heart is beating”, former GOP House Majority Leader Tom Delay calls on Congress to finally “enact a law that truly has the real impact to stop this savagery” of abortion- King’s HR 490, the Heartbeat Bill.

DeLay’s remarks are important. His status as a former House Majority Leader gives him a unique insight into the way “incremental steps” have been and continue to be used to frustrate the pro-life movement’s efforts to end abortion. Rep. DeLay is willing to name names, specifically calling out National Right to Life as representative of the failures of “the establishment’s approach.”

His comments are also deeply personal, with DeLay revealing that his “greatest regret on leaving Congress” is Congress’s failure to end abortion, a failure that has resulted in “a body count of 60 million innocent children.”

On this March for Life day, Congressman King invites you to read former Rep. DeLay’s important op-ed. Excerpts of the op-ed are provided below. The op-ed may be read in full on the Washington Times website at this link.


“Saving every baby whose heart is beating”

By Tom DeLay

Washington Times, 1/17/18

This message is directed to the U.S. Congress and all pro-life voters:

The time has come that we all must strongly demand, after 45 years of destroying our children with the brutal act of abortion, that our U.S. Congress must enact a law that truly has the real impact to stop this savagery.

Yes, every session our Congress passes an incremental bill that brings the pro-life movement about an inch down the field. They have used this approach to placate the pro-life vote for decades. But after 45 years of “abortion on demand” — and a body count of 60 million innocent children — we can no longer be satisfied with a weak, do-little or nothing law against abortion.

. . .

My greatest regret on leaving Congress is that we didn’t end abortion. But I believed the lie still being told that we could only regulate the abortion industry. We passed laws that took us a very incremental step at a time. That approach was and is a total failure.

If you disagree, just look at the results: 60 million dead babies.

Today, National Right to Life, the only national group that doesn’t support the Heartbeat Bill’s substantial protection for unborn children, thinks “success” is to kill only a million children a year. We reject the establishment’s approach.

. . .

However, they have the opportunity to pass a bill with real protection for the babies this year, getting us within reach of our goal. It is HR 490, The “Heartbeat Bill.” The Heartbeat Bill will protect every child whose heartbeat can be detected. Every year the Heartbeat Bill will save nearly a million children now facing the ultimate child abuse. This common-sense bill is supported by 7 out of 10 voters in America (George Barna poll, 2017). This bill already has 170 congressional co-sponsors, which is more than any other pro-life bill in Congress.

 . . .

It is our responsibility, to let our congressmen and congresswomen know how important it is to protect our most fragile new citizens from harm. We must save every baby whose heart is beating.


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