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King: Abu Gharaib, Heidi Fleiss, and Political Cannibals: Statement by Iowa Congressman on Prisoner Abuse

May 13, 2004
Press Release

Representative Steve King  
5th Congressional District of Iowa  

Washington, D.C.— Iowa Congressman Steve King today issued the following statement in response to this week’s unveiling of additional images of Iraqi prisoner abuse to Members of Congress:

“The dismembered and charred corpses of American contractors dangling over the Euphrates River in comparison to the abuse committed by a few soldiers at Abu Ghraib are like the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer compared to those of Heidi Fleiss.   What amounts to hazing is not even in the same ballpark as mass murder. 

“If Tom Harkin and his Democrat allies want to continue to act like political cannibals and pitch partisan hooey to anyone who’ll listen, then they’re eating their own. 

“We are in a worldwide War on Terror; let’s not overlook the 135,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq vigilantly fighting for democracy to focus on the few who have shamed us.  I’d like to see Harkin call on Vilsack to resign the next time an inmate in an Iowa prison cries abuse.”


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