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King and Sec. Vilsack Agree on Renewable Fuels Standard and EPA

Apr 3, 2014
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Steve King released the following excerpts from his questioning of the witness, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, at today’s House Agriculture Committee Hearing on the “State of Rural Economy.”


To watch Congressman King’s full questions, click here.

King: “I appreciate those extra opportunities out there but as far as advice to the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] as you consult with them on the basis of the law on the Renewable Fuels Standard, as you look at that language, what’s your recommendation to them as they reconsider?”

Sec. Vilsack: “I would say a couple things Congressman, first of all I am a strong believer in the Renewable Fuels Standard and I know it’s controversial, even in this committee, but I believe it is important to have for jobs, for stabilizing farm income, for reducing our reliance on foreign oil and for providing consumers choice and less expensive gas.”

King: “With regards to the language in the act itself?”

Sec. Vilsack: “So I think we need it. I think that the EPA has a very interesting situation where the basis of that standard was established on the belief that we would as a country continue to use more and more gasoline with more fuel efficient vehicles and with a difficult economy at times. That has not been the case. But since the EPA rendered its initial projections, gasoline use has increased and we wanted to make sure the EPA was aware of that because we think that could have an impact on what they ultimately decide.”

King: “Well let me just borrow a little bit of our time and make my recommendation to the EPA then, that is that they review the data with current numbers rather than 2011 numbers and go back and carefully read the law and the directive that Congress delivered on that.”

Sec. Vilsack: "Let me, if I can, Mr. Chairman, thirty seconds on the RFS. This needs to be perhaps noted in this committee’s history - Congressman, You and I agree. So mark that down. I think they should look at the current gas usage and I think they obviously need to read the law very, very carefully.”


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