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King Asks: Is Something Wrong Within National Right to Life?

Feb 6, 2018
Press Release

How can the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life group oppose the pro-life Heartbeat Bill?

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King released the following video clips of remarks he delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives questioning how National Right to Life can justify their failure to support King’s pro-life Heartbeat Protection Act. It is a curious thing, indeed, that National Right to Life is the only one of 131 major pro-life leaders and organizations that has failed to express support for HR 490, and it is tragic that babies continue to die from abortions as this one organization exerts a unilateral veto over House consideration of King’s legislation. Is there no one on the National Right to Life Board of Directors that supports making a simple, supportive phone call to Speaker Ryan that would save unborn lives?  Is there no one within National Right to Life that wishes to publicly support the efforts of the Heartbeat Protection Act’s 170 House cosponsors? Is there no one within National Right to Life that finds it odd that they are on the wrong side of 130 dedicated pro-life leaders and organizations? If not, then there is something seriously wrong within National Right to Life.

To view the entirety of Congressman King’s Special Order: click here.

Video Clips of Key Excerpts:

“Unelected people on the outside of this Congress are the ones who are holding this bill back.”


“It wasn’t your idea, I know. I’ll give it to you as an idea if that’s what National Right to Life wants . . . Who are these board members? I don’t know. 50 of them. Can you imagine, Mr. Speaker, 50 dedicated pro-life people in America that are on the board of National Right to Life and all of them sitting there intransigently saying ‘No, I don’t want to see the Heartbeat Bill moved.’?”

King recounts the many occasions where National Right to Life spotlights the importance of an unborn babies heartbeat.

“I’ve saved a spot up here in red for Carol Tobias and David O’Steen and if National Right to Life just gives us a call, sends an email or text, picks up the phone and calls the Speaker, we’ll move this bill.”


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