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King Celebrates HSUS Score of ZERO by Sharing Family Pheasant Soup Recipe

Mar 1, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King is proud to announce that he has joined Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst as a recipient of a score of ZERO on the Humane Society’s (HSUS) latest Congressional scorecard. The annual scorecard produced by the Humane Society, an organization facing leadership turnover in the wake of sexual harassment charges as well as allegations of deceptive fundraising practices, is used by the organization to assess each Member of Congress’s adherence to the activist animal-rights agenda promoted by the HSUS at the expense of Iowa’s farmers and ranchers.

A score of ZERO, as achieved by Congressman King, indicates that the Member of Congress has not acted in furtherance of any agenda item hand-selected by the HSUS. By achieving a “perfect score” of ZERO, King continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to protecting Iowa agriculture and Iowans way-of-life against legislative and regulatory policies advocated for by out-of-state special interest groups representing the “Vegan Lobby.” To commemorate his “perfect score,” Congressman King would like to share his pheasant soup recipe with the public and with any hungry members of the Humane Society who might wish to avail themselves of it.


Congressman Steve King, Dave King, and Alice at the conclusion of a successful day’s hunt.

“It is a pleasure to commemorate my ‘perfect score’ of ZERO on the HSUS scorecard by sharing the King Family Pheasant Soup recipe with you,” said King.  “There is little I enjoy more than hunting these glorious birds and preparing them in accordance with family tradition to provide my loved ones with a delicious meal. I hope that you will enjoy this recipe, and I encourage you to share your favorite game recipes with me on my Facebook page. We carnivores won’t be intimidated by anyone in the ‘Vegan Lobby’ who can be chased out of the room with a raw pork chop.”

Steve King’s Traditional Pheasant Soup:

Ingredients: 3 pheasants, personally hunted and cleaned; water; 3 teaspoons salt; Iowa sweet corn; chopped celery; egg noodles; chicken broth, chopped carrots.

Directions: Place pheasants in a kettle with water. Add salt.  Cook until done. Strain pheasants. Discard liquid. Separate pheasant meat from bone. Add all remaining ingredients including broth, shredded pheasant meat and Iowa sweet corn, except for egg noodles. Let simmer for at least an hour. Add egg noodles ten minutes before serving. Add chicken broth as needed.


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