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King Chairs Hearing Examining Online & University Censorship of Conservatives

Sep 27, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Steve King, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, releases the following photo and video of today’s hearing examining “The State of Intellectual Freedom in America.” Chairman King, a conservative user of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, is an acknowledged leader in efforts to prevent Internet social media companies from abusing their platforms to censor conservative political views. In addition to the internet censorship of conservative voices, today’s hearing also examined the risk to academic freedom posed by the “political groupthink” that is increasingly found on the campuses of America’s colleges and universities.

Chairman Steve King questions Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit during Thursday’s hearing. Hoft, who grew up in Iowa, testified that Facebook has eliminated 93% of combined referral traffic to the nation’s top conservative websites.

Today’s hearing may be watched in full by clicking the image, or clicking here.

“When anyone is silenced, the result is censorship, plain and simple, but it takes a more sinister form, particularly in settings that claim to champion open discourse, when it is performed quietly behind closed doors,” said King. “In many cases, only the person who is censored knows what’s happened, and, even then, the person often doesn’t know how or why it happened. Fortunately, Americans are beginning to recognize this quiet trend in our society in which one group or another systemically silences another’s beliefs with which they disagree.”

Witnesses at today’s hearing included:

Panel I:

•             Dr. Mike Adams, Professor, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

•             Dr. Peter Wood, President, National Association of Scholars

•             Mr. Mike Simkovic, Professor of Law and Accounting, USC School of Law

•             Dr. Tim Groseclose, Professor, George Mason University

Panel II:

•             Mr. Jim Hoft, Founder and Editor, The Gateway Pundit

•             Ms. Adriana Cohen, Syndicated Columnist, Boston Herald Radio Host

•             Mr. Jeremy Tedesco, Vice President of U.S. Advocacy, Alliance Defending Freedom

•             Mr. Ari Waldman, Professor of Law, New York Law School

•             Mr. Harmeet K. Dhillon, Esq., Partner, Dhillon Law Group, Inc.


In April, King invited the popular pro-Trump broadcasting duo Diamond and Silk to the Judiciary committee to testify about their claims that Facebook is acting to censor their channel. (Related: Diamond and Silk UNCENSORED: Duo Accepts Steve King’s Invitation to Testify; VIDEO: Diamond and Silk tell King- “The Republicans took up for the little voices.”)

In July, during a Judiciary Committee hearing examining the content filtering practices of social media giants, King suggested continued censorship of conservatives by large social media companies may convince Congress to regulate these companies as if they were public utilities.



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