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King Introduces Bills Protecting RFS from Small Refinery Exemptions

Jun 21, 2019
Press Release

Legislation Recovers Volume Lost to Waivers by Increasing RFS Requirement Gallon -for-Gallon

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King releases this statement following his introduction of two bills that are designed to protect the volume requirements in the Renewable Fuels Standard from being undermined by the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of controversial “small refinery exemptions.”

Congressman Steve King speaks during his recent Ag Advisory Summit in Storm Lake.

“As a result of my Agriculture Advisory meetings, and the concerns of constituents raised at my town hall meetings, it is clear that we must address the abuse of ‘small refinery exemptions,’ said King. “’Small refinery exemptions’ improperly undercut the RFS by subtracting from the RFS volume requirements.”

“The renewable fuels industry has asked for a solution, and my ideas for this legislation emerged from discussions with them. The King RFS bills contain two important concepts that will protect the volume levels required by the RFS.”

“The first King bill, HR 3410, requires that there be no net reduction in RFS volume requirements, which means that if the EPA grants a ‘small refinery exemption’ waiver, other refineries must blend more to make up the difference because waived volumes will be added back to the RFS requirement.”

“The second King bill, HR 3411, is identical to the first bill, except it adds a retroactive provision that seeks to recapture volumes lost due to waivers from 2006-2018 by adding those previously lost gallons to future year RFS obligations.”

“Action needs to be taken because this EPA has been incrementally nullifying current law, the Renewable Fuels Standard. My bills preserve and protect the RFS, and in doing so, they strengthen our family farms throughout the Corn Belt.”


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