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King Introduces Resolution to Cut Wasteful Spending

Apr 17, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Steve King today made the following statement about a House resolution he introduced, the Cut the Unnecessary Tab Act (CUT Act). The CUT Act, H.Res. 323, will allow any member of Congress to offer an amendment to cut wasteful federal spending through a recorded vote.

Presently, when federal spending bills are signed into law, Congress has no formal mechanism to review the budget and trim wasteful spending. The CUT Act will allow every single unobligated spending item to be up for reconsideration four times a year.

“In the real world, businesses and families eliminate unnecessary spending when they spend beyond their means. Both continually revisit their spending to ensure their expenses are responsible and necessary. On Capitol Hill, this is a foreign concept, and we must change this broken process.

“The CUT Act will change the way the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. It will allow any Member of Congress to offer an amendment to cut wasteful federal spending and require a recorded vote so every Member is held accountable.

“At the rate Congress is going right now, our grandchildren will never climb the mountain of debt America is accumulating. The CUT Act will ensure Congress finally starts balancing the budget and stops wasting taxpayer dollars.”


The CUT Act would amend House rules to require that a rescissions bill be brought to the House floor at the beginning of every fiscal quarter. The rescissions bill would be brought up under an open rule, allowing any Member the opportunity to cut and cancel unnecessary, wasteful and bloated government spending.

Under the CUT Act’s spending reduction process, at the beginning of every federal fiscal quarter, every single unobligated spending item would be up for reconsideration. Because the CUT Act requires an open rule procedure allowing any Member of Congress to offer an amendment to cut wasteful federal spending through a recorded vote, the CUT Act brings real accountability into the federal spending process.

In addition to requiring the consideration of quarterly rescissions bills, the CUT Act would also make the rescissions process open to the public. The Act stipulates that rescissions bills and their amendments must be posted in an easily searchable format on the Internet. This important tool will allow Americans to contact their Members of Congress and make their views known before votes.

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