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King: Robert Mueller Has Now Exonerated President Trump Twice

Jul 24, 2019
Press Release

Washington DC- In this video release, Congressman Steve King discusses Robert Mueller's appearance today before the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees. King made his remarks in a Facebook Live video filmed at the conclusion of Mr. Mueller’s House testimony.


To view Congressman King’s remarks, click the image or this link.

King explains why Democrats called Mueller to testify:

"The [Mueller] report came up and exonerated Donald Trump. The Democrats decided that they had to get Robert Mueller before the committees today to try to pull that morsel out of him that they might be able to use to breathe new life into their failed effort to impeach Donald Trump."

King on Mueller's failure to answer important questions about his report:

"After Robert Mueller's testimony today, it's really clear that Donald Trump is again exonerated. It's also clear that Robert Mueller must not have done a lot of homework and refreshed himself on this report because he was asked time and again questions that he refused to answer. Hillary Clinton was famous for saying 'I don't remember,' and Robert Mueller now is the one who says, 'that's outside the purview, outside the bounds, of the report.'"

King on the Anti-Trump bias that Robert Mueller's Testimony revealed:

"Robert Mueller didn't illuminate anything today except that they had a biased team of biased lawyers, Trump-haters and Hillary-lovers, that spent all of this time and all of this money, roughly $30 million, to produce years of heartache for the American people. We've all been drug through this but, now, Donald Trump is twice exonerated by the Mueller operations: by the report and by the failure to find anything of substance here. Robert Mueller let us all know that there was no collusion."

King on the possibility of future indictments:

"Now we'll get a report back from our new Attorney General, Bill Barr, and from his special investigator, John Durham. Those two will come with objective reports, and I'm really looking forward to what happens after that. We may well see indictments, but it won't be indictments of the people that Robert Mueller was targeting. It will be indictments of the people that were weaponizing the Department of Justice and weaponizing the FBI."                                                                             


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