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King’s Historic “Heartbeat Protection Act” Hearing Features Heartbeat Testimony of Unborn Child

Nov 1, 2017
Press Release

Historic Victory for Pro-Life Movement as Lincoln Glenn Miller (18 Weeks) becomes Youngest Person to Testify before Congress

Washington, D.C.- Chairman Steve King released the following statements, videos, and op-ed at the conclusion of today’s historic Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice hearing on H.R. 490, the Heartbeat Protection Act. Today’s hearing on King’s legislation featured the testimony via ultrasound of Lincoln Glenn Miller, an unborn child who, at 18 weeks, is believed to be the youngest person to ever testify before Congress. King’s legislation is popular with the American public, with polls showing 70% support for the enactment of heartbeat protections against abortion.

Congressman Steve King’s Opening Statement: (Click the link for video).

Excerpt from King’s Statement:

“The 14th Amendment codifies the language of our Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson set up prioritized rights in our Declaration with this more familiar language, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In both cases, Life is the paramount right and cannot be taken without due process. Liberty is a right secondary to Life. No one in exercising their right to Liberty has a legitimate Constitutional or moral claim to take the Life of another.

The question before us, since America has held the right to Life as a sacred right from God (endowed by their Creator), the question before us is not, “Can the Lives of innocent babies be taken in exercising the right to the Liberty of the mother?”  But rather, “At what instant does Life begin?” Science cannot precisely pinpoint the instant of conception but the ultrasound proves beyond any doubt that Life is present every time there is a Heartbeat.

The promises of our Founding Fathers must be restored to the voiceless and most vulnerable. Liberty can never again become the excuse to take the Life of another.”

Congressman King Offers Lincoln Glenn Miller’s Historic Ultrasound Testimony (Click the link for Video).

Lincoln Glenn Miller’s Full Ultrasound Video (Click the Link for Video).

Full Subcommittee Hearing Video (Click the Link for Video):

King OP-ED: “Protecting the Unborn Reaffirms Jefferson’s Truths”

In case you missed it, Congressman King’s op-ed in support of HR 490 was published today by Breitbart News. The op-ed may be read here


“In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson articulated fundamental truths upon which the United States of America was founded. These truths included that each of us possesses a set of unalienable rights granted by God. Included among these God-given prioritized rights are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Recognition of these inherent rights once helped propel our people into revolt against a tyrant. Respect for our God-given rights is an essential component of our American Civilization. Congress has a responsibility to ensure the Jeffersonian Truths of the Declaration of Independence are protected for current and future generations of Americans.

Of these rights, the right to life received primacy in Jefferson’s list for a reason: without the right to life, how would an individual’s rights become vested? How could any other rights be realized if one’s very life could be taken away by another who is exercising their right to liberty or pursuit of happiness? Jefferson articulated a prioritized set of rights; first the right to life, then the right to liberty, then the pursuit of happiness. Each right was carefully prioritized in sequential order because the right to life trumps all other rights. No one can take a human life in exercising their liberties and no one can take a life or take away the liberty of another in their pursuit of happiness. If the right to life can be taken by another, then no right of anyone is protected. . .

It’s time that Americans reclaimed our birthright, including the right to life, from the bloody hands of those who have betrayed Jefferson’s vision, resulting in the abortions of 60 million unique gifts from God. To this end, I have introduced H.R. 490, the Heartbeat Protection Act. H.R. 490 cuts through the obscuring haze of illogical judicial rhetoric and returns the right to life to the primacy our Founding Fathers intended. Under this legislation, abortionists who end the life of an unborn child whose heart is beating will be subject to imprisonment and/or a significant financial penalty. As a matter of law, the bill will ensure that if a heartbeat can be detected, the baby is protected.”                                                                       




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