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King’s Special Guest for President Trump’s State of the Union Address: Jason Harrington, President and CEO of Lakes Regional Healthcare

Feb 4, 2020
Press Release

“Neighbors helping neighbors”- Lakes Regional Healthcare has been providing ambulance services to Jaci Hermstad so that she can receive experimental gene-therapy treatment King’s legislation facilitated

Washington D.C- Congressman Steve King announces that he will be joined by a special guest, Jason Harrington, President/CEO of Lakes Regional Healthcare, at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address (SOTU) this evening. Lakes Regional Healthcare is based in Spirit Lake, Iowa and has been providing ambulance services to King’s constituent, Jaci Hermstad, so that she can receive experimental gene-therapy treatment at the Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota. Hermstad is battling an aggressive form of ALS, and King introduced legislation earlier this year (HR 2855, Jaci’s Bill) that prodded the USDA to grant her a waiver so that her experimental gene-therapy treatments could begin without life-threatening bureaucratic delays.


To watch the video of Congressman King and Mr. Harrington’s remarks, please click the image or

this link.



Congressman Steve King: “Jaci Hermstad is the most likely person to survive the deadly disease of ALS and Jason has stepped forward and he’s delivered so much help for her that we’re here celebrating the effort, we’re celebrating her life, and celebrating the belief that I have that she’s the most likely person on the planet to finally survive ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

Jason Harrington: “Congressman King, first of all, thank you. It’s certainly an honor for me to be here. I was surprised and honored when I received the phone call. As the Congressman said, we’re certainly excited to be a part of Jaci’s story. When her treatments got moved to Mayo clinic, I received a phone call the night before her first treatment that said ‘she’s gonna need ambulance services to get there, and would you be willing to do that? We’re not sure they’ll be compensated, this is experimental treatment, and could you do that?’ I just said yes for a couple of reasons. I have a 19-year-old daughter. I have a very good friend, Andrew Miller, who died of ALS last year. And we’re about neighbors helping neighbors. We could do this.”

The White House will be live streaming the SOTU speech at 9:00 PM EST this evening. Those interested can watch the remarks at this link.

Additional Background:

5/24/19: King Welcomes FDA’s Decision to Expedite Jaci Hermstad’s Treatment


6/25/19: King Honors Jaci Hermstad on the House Floor



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