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King: “The Constitution grants the power to regulate interstate commerce to Congress, not to California.”

Jun 2, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee,  released the following statement after the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a case challenging California’s unconstitutional law regulating agricultural producers in other states. The case had been brought by the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

The United States Constitution grants the power to regulate interstate commerce to Congress, not to California. Since California’s enactment of its unconstitutional Proposition 2, which prohibits the trade of agricultural products with states who do not adopt California’s mandates, I have worked to reassert the proper understanding of the Commerce Clause on behalf of agricultural producers in Iowa and the other 48 states.

While some entities who have been hostile to producers, such as the Humane Society’s Wayne Pacelle, welcome the United States Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case brought by the State of Iowa and others at this time, I do not. It is important that this Congress work to reaffirm federal supremacy in interstate commerce, especially when one considers the serious economic harm the California law is currently causing to egg producers and consumers in Iowa and elsewhere.

My bill, the Protect Interstate Commerce Act, will protect against rising costs, allow consumers greater choice, and shield producers throughout the country from the anti-farmer whims of California’s voters and legislature. I’m working to stop California’s unconstitutional attempt to regulate America’s agricultural production methods.

Congressman King has been a consistent advocate for Iowa agriculture. Previously, he worked to successfully gain inclusion of his legislation in the House passed version of the 2014 Farm Bill.

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