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King: The Family Separation of Joni and Libby Ernst

Jun 27, 2018
Press Release

Remarks Offered as King Works to Defeat Paul Ryan’s Sweeping Amnesty Legislation

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King releases video of a special order speech he delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives on the subject of illegal immigration. King’s remarks are especially timely and are offered as the House is considering Paul Ryan’s sweeping Amnesty legislation. King opposes Amnesty, and will be voting against the Ryan Amnesty legislation.

With family separations arising as a much discussed issue in the debate over illegal immigration enforcement, King made a point to honor the members of the American military who separate from their families in order to serve the nation. In his remarks, King pointed to a particular instance of family separation that has always stuck with him: that of then- Captain (now US Senator) Joni Ernst from her 4 year old daughter, Libby.

To view King’s remarks, click the image or click here.

“It broke my heart to see that little four year old girl and think about her mother being deployed in a war zone, missing out on 13 months of some of the most joyful time you can have raising a child. And that child was separated from her mother, and that child’s mother’s name is, today, Senator Joni Ernst. Her daughter, Libby, is now going to the military academy.

But we have people who are separated from their families on a consistent basis. Everybody who is deployed who has children is separated from their children for long periods of time. A lot longer than [illegal aliens] are separated from their children when they sneak into America and break our laws.”

King is correct: military personnel often are asked to make painful sacrifices, including familial separations over extended periods of time. When one considers the separations experienced by our military families, separations endured without complaint by the heroic men and women of the armed forces, sympathies are indeed misplaced when/if illegal aliens, temporarily separated for violating our laws, are similarly compared.


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