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King Tries to Turn Channel on CNN’s Airport Monopoly

Apr 24, 2018
Press Release

Offers Amendments Expanding Broadcast Choice, Providing Davis-Bacon Relief to FAA Reauthorization

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King announces that he has submitted two amendments to H.R. 4, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, for House Rules Committee consideration today. The first of King’s amendments seeks to expand broadcast choice in the nation’s airports by ensuring that the television equipment in an airport’s terminal is not owned exclusively by broadcast/cable television news networks. The amendment would also prohibit airport owners or operators and broadcast/cable television news networks from making agreements in which the content on airport television equipment is controlled.

“It’s time that travelers in airports were allowed to turn the channel on CNN,” said King. “My amendment would allow greater broadcast choice for the nation’s travelers by eliminating CNN’s efforts to create an ‘airport monopoly’ through the use of agreements that restrict content to only its programs. Competition is good for the marketplace of cable news. Competitive pressures will encourage every network to produce a quality product that people will watch because they choose to do so, not because they are a captive audience forced to do so.”

King’s second offered amendment would ensure that no funds made available by the FAA Reauthorization Act could be used to enforce prevailing wage requirements required under the Davis-Bacon Act. King is the recognized leader on efforts to repeal Davis-Bacon, having offered legislation to repeal the burdensome and costly prevailing wage legislation since 2005. King’s ongoing efforts to repeal Davis-Bacon were recently profiled by conservative columnist George Will.


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