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King Votes “NO” on Reckless, Rule-Breaking Continuing Resolution

Sep 19, 2019
Press Release

HR 4378 was rushed to floor with no cost estimate and no opportunity to amend

Washington DC- Congressman Steve King announces that he has voted against HR 4378, a continuing resolution making appropriations for fiscal year 2020. The legislation was brought to the floor in a rush: the text was only made available for review yesterday evening, it was considered the day after its introduction in violation of the House’s 72 hour rule, no time was allotted to offer amendments to the bill, and no consideration was given to Members wishing to offer amendments to the legislation. To make matters worse, the House spending bill did not even have a Congressional Budget Office estimate of its costs prior to the vote.

“While there are things in the bill I would like to support, I could not vote for this rule-breaking continuing resolution,” said King. “Congress has not passed a budget in years, and now the House is breaking its 72-hour rule to rush through another continuing resolution without either a cost estimate or an opportunity for Members to work to rein in the flow of red ink. It is a reckless spending bill, and fiscal conservatives are right to join me in opposition to it.”

HR 4378 passed the House of Representatives on a vote of 301-123, with King voting against the legislation.


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