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National Right to Life’s Scandalous Admission: Saving Millions of Babies “is simply not our strategy.”

Feb 8, 2018
Press Release

Shocking statement made on WHO Radio’s “Simon Conway Show”

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King released the following statement in response to an interview that occurred yesterday on WHO’s “Simon Conway Show.” In the segment Conway asked National Right to Life’s Executive Director, Dr. David O’Steen, why Right to Life is the only major pro-life organization that is refusing to support King’s “Heartbeat Protection Act” (HR 490). King’s legislation, which would save millions of innocent unborn lives by outlawing the abortion of any baby with a detectable heartbeat, has 170 Cosponsors and the support of 162 pro-life leaders and organizations, including Iowa Right to Life, Iowans for Life, and The Family Leader.

O’Steen’s shocking response to Conway reveals more about the cynical inner motivations of National Right to Life than he perhaps intended. O’Steen defensively claims that National Right to Life is not supporting King’s efforts to save millions of unborn lives because “it is simply not our strategy.”

Really, Dr. O’Steen?                                                               

You just publicly admitted that, for National Right to Life, saving millions of unborn babies, each with a detectable heartbeat, “is simply not our strategy”?

Really, Dr. O’Steen? REALLY???

If National Right to Life refuses to support a strategy to save unborn lives by outlawing abortions performed on babies with heartbeats, Dr. O’Steen, that leaves one, very important, question pro-lifers want you to answer:

What would you say you do here?”

Transcript Excerpt:

Simon Conway:

“I was fairly shocked to discover yesterday that Congressman Steve King’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’, which we have talked to him about, and, indeed, without him, for well over a year now seems to have a problem. What is the problem? Well, it needs unanimous support of all the life organizations in the country and the biggest and oldest one of them, National Right to Life, is apparently not prepared to offer that up.

“So I thought we’d get the Executive Director of National Right to Life on the phone. He is Dr. David O’Steen . . . I was really quite surprised Congressman King took to the floor of the House and called you guys out. Why will you not support the fetal heartbeat bill?

Dr. David O’Steen:

“Well first, let me clarify one thing. . .we do not oppose the Heartbeat Bill. We’re not standing in the way of the Heartbeat Bill. We do not oppose it. It is simply not our strategy.”


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