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VIDEO: Diamond and Silk tell King- “The Republicans took up for the little voices.”

Apr 26, 2018
Press Release

Powerful Testimony a Key Moment in Social Media Censorship Hearing

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King, Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, releases the following video of his questioning of Diamond and Silk (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) during today’s Judiciary Committee hearing examining filtering of conservative viewpoints by social media companies. King invited the two popular conservative commentators, who are famous for their unabashed support for President Trump, to the hearing to offer their first hand experiences with viewpoint suppression on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. King has been working to arrange this hearing since last Fall.

King- My first thoughts are this: in a situation like Jim Hoft and Gateway Pundit, the 4th most influential conservative pundit throughout the last election cycle, watching his traffic be cut to one-eleventh of what it was just on Facebook alone. And I don’t see that Jim Hoft has as much of a television presence, perhaps, as Diamond and Silk have. So I wanted to ask you, Ms. Hardaway, or you, Ms. Richardson, if you didn’t have a spot on FOX News, if you had to rely on just watching your traffic go down on YouTube, and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and wherever else, would you have a chance to have a voice to express this? Or could it be that because you had another outlet this issue came up far enough that now America is watching?

Diamond and Silk-  Absolutely. Because we had another outlet, because the Republicans, certain Republicans, spoke out about it and took up for the little voices like ourselves is how this came to light. If not, when [Facebook] deemed us “unsafe to the community” and they told us we couldn’t appeal it, we would’ve been out. And this is what happens, oftentimes, with people in our country, particularly minorities, where these big giants they take and they put their feet on your neck. They pull the rug right up from under you, and then dare you to move.

To watch the video, please click the image above or click here.

In addition to the testimony of Diamond and Silk, Congressman King introduced additional evidence into the record. King submitted a written statement from Jim Hoft, the conservative writer behind the highly influential “The Gateway Pundit” website describing how manipulation of computer algorithms has adversely affected traffic to his website. Congressman King also introduced an April 23 article written by Joy Pullman of the “The Federalist” describing Google’s refusal to do business with a Lutheran publisher “because of the faith we express on our website.”

Although they were invited, representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google declined to appear. As a result of their decisions, Americans were deprived of an opportunity to see these social media companies respond to Congress’s questions about their practices.


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