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VIDEO: King- “I stand with the President on his decision to remove our troops from Northern Syria”

Oct 17, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Steve King releases this video in which he discusses the importance of standing with President Trump’s decision to remove American troops from Northern Syria. Yesterday, Congressman King was one of only 60 Republicans to support President Trump’s position when the Congressman voted against a House Resolution which second guesses President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from Northeast Syria. The resolution passed on a vote of 354-60.

To watch the video, click on the image above or on this link.


“I stand with the President on his decision to remove our troops from Northern Syria where they were faced off against the Turks. I want to remind people that there were only 59 other Republicans that stood with the President on that decision.  We didn’t need to be trying to upset the President’s foreign policy. He is the Commander in Chief; he has the authority to make that decision.  

I’d remind folks that, clear back in August 2011, Barack Obama said ‘Assad must go.’ That contributed greatly, along with our foreign policy that he had control of, to the destabilization of Syria and extenuation of the civil war and hundreds of thousands dead in Syria and the beginnings of ISIS that poured out of Syria, went up to Mosul, and made their advance towards Baghdad, all with Obama doing nothing.

Now, we’ve at least pushed the ISIS back in, we have most of them either conquered, dead or imprisoned. Our President made a decision, it’s not going to be reversed.

I will tell you that Erdogan is unhinged. I have looked that man in the eye for 90 minutes while he committed a diatribe against the United States, and we have to be very cautious about how we deal with him. His relationship with Russia has gotten stronger than it is with NATO itself, and we ought to question where this relationship is going with Turkey.

But as it is, the President made the decision. It’s our troops that have been ordered away from that zone. We need to stand with the President, the Commander in Chief, to get the best result we can out of the mess that was created in Syria. And it was created under Barack Obama.” 


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