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Video: King Urges “Conclusion and Adoption” of Disaster Relief Package

May 9, 2019
Press Release

Floor Speech Highlights Extent of Flood Disasters in Midwestern States

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King releases video of a speech he delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives today. King’s speech urges the House and Senate to “get to a conclusion and adoption” of a disaster relief package that contains funding to assist communities in Iowa affected by recent flooding. In his remarks, King described the impact that recent flooding has had on Midwestern states, and he stressed the need for timely action because “we need the relief, and we need it very soon.” The House of Representatives is currently scheduled to vote on the disaster relief legislation tomorrow.


To watch Congressman King’s floor speech in its entirety, click here.


“We had more water come down below Gavins Point than ever before, and it wiped out a lot of ag land on the Iowa side and more so even on the Nebraska side. We have critical infrastructure that’s got to be reconstructed. We’ve got to protect some of these communities that have been nearly wiped out. The Corps of Engineers, in particular, has 41 breeches on the levies just on the Iowa side of the river. And so, I urge that we get to a conclusion and an adoption of a final package on this disaster relief.”

 . . .

“I would point out, Madame Speaker, that this message from the White House said, ‘Congress should not use natural disasters as a pretext to engage in unnecessary spending outside the agreed upon discretionary spending caps.’ So, I’m hopeful that this gets worked out between the House and the Senate. We need the relief, and we need it very soon.”


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