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“Who are DACA recipients?” King Reveals Government’s Troubling Data

Jun 8, 2018
Press Release

Outrage: 66% of DACA Recipients who admitted to crimes got DACA permits anyway

Washington, D.C.- As the political world buzzes over the sad possibility that rogue Republicans could join with a united Democratic caucus to deliver Amnesty to illegal aliens, Congressman Steve King, an opponent of Amnesty, asks a question that is often intentionally obscured by Amnesty/DACA supporters:

“Who are DACA recipients?”

To watch, click this link.

Excerpts Below:

King, who is believed to be the only Member of Congress to have examined the federal government’s DACA application data, shared some answers with the American public on the House floor today. The answers uncovered by King’s examination of the government’s data are troubling. The conclusion: even under the lenient pro-Amnesty standards established in the unconstitutional DACA program by Barack Obama, of the 817,798 potential recipients of DACA related Amnesty, 781,951 should be disqualified for not meeting the established standards. Infuriatingly, the data even shows that 66% of those who self-reported criminality received a DACA permit anyway.

To watch, click this link.

Included in this figure are over 564,103 DACA applicants (68.9%) who declared no data regarding educational history. In addition there are another 179,719 who have no diploma and “may or may not be” in school. The pro-Amnesty crowd portrays DACA recipients as valedictorians; the truth is almost exactly the opposite. Also included are approximately 135,000 individuals that fall within prime recruitment age for violent criminal gangs such as the notorious Mexican gang, MS-13.

To watch, click this link.

To watch, click this link.

Why the rush by some in Congress to undermine the Rule of Law by granting an Amnesty to illegal aliens who aren’t even meeting the minimum standards established by an unconstitutional Obama-era program designed to provide them with an executive Amnesty? Those rushing to back Amnesty have some explaining to do to the American people.


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