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Flag Request

On behalf of the Fourth Congressional District of Iowa, I am happy to fulfill constituent requests to have a United States flag flown over the United States Capitol.

Flags may be flown for a particular person, event, or organization and may (pending flag office delays) be flown on a specific date. Priority is given to flags being flown in memorial of the deceased. A certificate of recognition is included with each flag and there is no limit on the number of flags you may order.

To obtain a flag through my office, please fill out our flag order form below.

Please note: We can only process flag requests from constituents in Iowa's Fourth District or requests being sent to a constituent in the fourth district. If you are not in Iowa's Fourth District please contact your congressional representative to order a flag.

Flag Information
Size Material Quantity Flown Over the Capitol Quantity NOT Flown Over the Capitol
3'x5' Nylon  @ $18.00  @ $10.00
3'x5' Cotton  @ $19.00  @ $11.00
4'x6' Nylon  @ $23.00  @ $15.00
5'x8' Nylon  @ $28.00  @ $20.00
5'x8' Cotton  @ $31.00  @ $23.00
Total Cost: $0.00
Flag Certificate Information

If you choose to have your flag flown over the United States Capitol, please complete the following
information for the certificate. If you have multiple flags to fly, they must all be flown on the same date. If you have multiple flags to fly on the same date, and you would like different names and/or occasions to appear on each certificate, please leave the name and occasion information below blank, and use a separate document to enclose that information.

(name as it should appear on the certificate)

Please submit your request at least five weeks ahead of your desired date.

Clicking on “Calculate Prices” will calculate shipping costs and the total amount due, and will show the
results in the order request page that can be printed for mailing.

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