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Internal Revenue Services

Thank you for contacting me regarding a problem you are having with the Internal Revenue Service. Before you contact me, please make sure you have read through the information on my IRS page that may provide the answers to your questions.

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The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the Federal Government from revealing any information from personal files of an individual(s) without expressed permission of of the person(s) involved. Disclosure of personal records to a Member of Congress, who is acting on behalf of a constituent, is prohibited unless the individual, to whom the record pertains, has consented.

By checking this box, I am authorizing Congressman Steve King/or designee to act on my behalf pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974. I hereby consent to Congressman Steve King/or designee to receive information in my file pertinent to an inquiry on my behalf. Please be aware that an electronic signature may be treated as legally binding as a handwritten signature.


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